6 High End Electric Scooters to buy in 2022

Self-Balancing Electric Scooter or “e-scooters” is a fun and eco-friendly mode of city transport preferred by more riders thanks to its relatively compact size and convenient structure. But, before you eagerly ride off without permission, you should know the regulations first.

E Scooter is often thought to be a way of transport or an accessory. Instead, it is rather a reimagination of what smart city transportation should be like.

This has led to safer streets, more mobility opportunities, and improved quality of living in communities around the world that are using Electric Scooters as their primary mode of transportation instead of cars or bikes.

Fortunately, the popularity of scooters has a rather positive impact when it comes to traffic. It can't be denied that it would be more beneficial if everyone switched to eco-friendly transportation.

City life is getting noisier, dirtier, and more congested with each passing day. With the number of busy people on the road nowadays, noise pollution is starting to become a big problem too. That's why e-scooters have reemerged as an eco-friendly idea for quicker and easier travel around in recent years!

They are a retro-style way of keeping things fresh on the roads. What's better: they don't pollute either! It wouldn't take long before all those street corner scramblers get trampled! But before you switch to Electric Scooters, here are our Top 6 picks for Electric Scooters that are making big in the streets of the USA. 

1. Dualtron X2 - Dual Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

The Dualtron X2 is a dual-wheel drive electric scooter with 8,300 watts max BLDH hub motors, 13-inch ultra-wide tires, 72V 43AH battery pack with LG 3500 cells, and S-shaped straps. This 36-pound vehicle will take you up to a speed of 65 MPH and have you riding 93 miles on one charge.

Not only does it solve the common problems of picky terrain and turning radius, but dual-wheel technology also makes safety a priority with symmetrical wheel placement and brakes instead of a tilting deck and rear rotor. 

2. ZERO 11X Dual Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

The ZERO 11X is an amazing dual-motor, all-wheel-drive electric scooter. It's the perfect scooter for those who want to go fast and go far. With a top speed of over 60 MPH  and a range of up to 93 miles, you'll be able to ride in style and comfort.

Freedom on demand is the ultimate goal of electric scooters and the ZERO 11X is here with a 1600 W brushless motor producing up to 5600W power! What's not to love about this light-in-efficient, eco-friendly, e-mobility solution?

Way ahead of the pack. Unprecedented performance that outperforms gas-guzzling scooters hands down. The ultimate solution for anyone who's looking for mobility at top speed, the ZERO 11X is an incredible ride.

3. VSETT 10+ Dual Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

The VSETT 10+ is the perfect scooter for those who want to get around town in style. It's a powerful, sleek, and stylish electric scooter that can go up to 50 MPH and can go up to 62 miles on a single charge. The VSETT 10+ is the perfect way to get around town without breaking a sweat.

The VSETT 10+ boasts better performance and an improved style. Not to mention higher rides, faster and longer-range by 60V 1,400W nominal powertrain, and the reliable LG lithium-ion battery. With these capabilities, the VSETT 10+ is a sure shot for everyday mobility.

4. Blade X Dual Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

The Blade X is more than an e-scooter, it’s a way of life. Designed with performance, comfort, and convenience in mind, you’ll be able to ride in style and hit speeds up to 47 MPH.

The Blade Dual is an unstoppable powerhouse with twin 1200W motors and spring suspension (front and rear) for a drive as soft as silk. The Blade Dual redefines urban luxury. Want to fly over bumps, break some speed records, and get the best engineering this electric scooter has to offer? You sure can go far as it offers a range of up to 31 miles.

5. Nanrobot LS7 Dual Motor Electric Scooter

The Nanrobot LS7's unparalleled specs (combining powerful & regenerative-braking dual motors) are the absolute best in their class, with a max speed of 55 MPH, a max range of 60 miles per charge, and the unparalleled safety standard of emergency braking (E-Brake Button). Enjoy the luxury of both speed & longevity all in one package.

 The Nanrobot LS7 Dual Motor E is the ultimate electric scooter. With two independent motors, one for each wheel, this electric scooter can reach its top speed pretty easily. With 3600W of power, this electric scooter will leave all others behind. a weight carrying capacity of 150 kg. 

6. Dualtron Man EX+ Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

The Dualtron Man EX+ Wheel Drive Electric Scooter is the ultimate electric scooter. It's the first of its kind to have a 2,700-watt max BLDC hubless motor and a 31.5Ah battery pack with high-powered LG cells. With this new version, you can expect some special features such as mileage of 68 miles and a top speed of 40 MPH.

If you need a sturdy and reliable electric scooter, the Dualtron Man EX+ Wheel Drive Electric Scooter is the perfect choice for you. Available in different colors, it suits every rider. Whether you are leisure OR just commuting, this tricked-out electric scooter is your high-tech solution.

Electric Scooters are so well received by households in the country because they offer convenience and perhaps most importantly offer independence for the elderly. A lot of seniors and young people alike are discovering or going back to electric scooters due to a shift in their transportation habits from driving cars in their day-to-day lives and our list of amazing electric scooters above will surely help you make this shift in the habit a move towards the future of mobility.