Update effective Jan 2023: Volted has expanded its partnership with reputable existing repair businesses and individuals across USA and Canada who already specializes in our line of products and brands. Contact our support if you have any questions or need service.

Next: In addition to partner locations above, we will also be opening flagship repair locations in major cities across USA and Canada soon. Stay tuned and signup for newsletter for updates.

Repair & Service

You got the wheel, we got the tools! Our technicians at our partner locations are specialized in repair and service of most of electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric unicycles. 

Whether you are in or out of warranty we can always help you to get your personal electric vehicle (PEV), we like to call them PETs back on the road as soon as possible.

  • Trained repair technicians
  • We repair most models and makes we sell
  • Parts/accessories available for most popular brands

Why do I need a service?

Latest PEVs are fast and full of technology. Sometimes it becomes very demanding to maintain the, so riders should check their rides thoroughly before each ride. Nuts and bolts can come loose, tires can be worn or damaged and lights can blow, so a quick pre-ride check can save a lot of hassle and potentially serious problems or injury. In case you need more professional hands that's where Volted and its partner locations comes in handy. We can do schedule checks to ensure the smooth running of your PEV. These can include brake adjustments and bleeding, general servicing, battery checks, lubrications, tire and rim checks etc depending on the condition of your vehicle and how thorough you want to be. We can do any preventative servicing as well as all types of repairs, that's how we remain charged for the future.

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