5 Popular Unicycles in North America

Electric Unicycles are making it easier for avid riders in many countries to move around, especially in rural areas of North America. They have eliminated the need to own cars and motorbikes - personal transportation of choice for many people.

This compact vehicle perfectly fills the gap where traditional transport like buses exists but also doesn't, or cars can't go but unicycles definitely can. The unicycle appears to be a helpful and inexpensive way to get from point A to point B within a city, outdoors, or even up an inaccessible hillside within a few minutes using balancing, shifting body weight, and leaning techniques. Here are some more benefits of electric unicycles-

1. Eco-friendly

The unicycles are made with sturdy materials and they have a unique efficient ignition system that makes them more environmentally-friendly.

Some commuting students opt for an electric unicycle because they spend less money on gas or because they just want to save three or four hours on daily commute time.

2. Customization

It is possible to get individualized blades for customized aesthetic values, functionality, and completion. With most e-unicycle models costing anywhere between $350 to $2,000 depending upon the quality, a person can be more conscientious about what their wants are from a purchase.   

3. Mobility 

The riders do not need a license, unlike bicycles because of the size and low weight limit of these one-wheelers, which makes it ideal and concern-free for a thrilling riding experience. However, the importance of safety gears is paramount for a secure riding experience, be it traditional vehicles or electric ones. 

To help you with the purchase of the best one according to your personal needs, we have compiled a list of 5 popular unicycles that are making it big in the world of electric mobility-

1. Gotway Monster V3 Electric Unicycle

Perfect for unicycling enthusiasts looking to create more time for the things they love and make a little green living at the same time. With a unicycle designed to last, you'll never have to purchase another again and have fewer items on your environmentally-conscious list!

The Gotway Monster V3 is the perfect electric unicycle for you. It's powerful, fast, and has a range of up to 105 miles. It's also lightweight and easy to carry around. With a top speed of 31 MPH, it's perfect for commuting or just going out for a ride.

2. Inmotion V12 HS Electric Unicycle

Inmotion sealed this deal with an industry innovation: Two separated, scalable batteries for longer battery life. Inmotion puts 1750Wh cells in the first battery and a separate battery has 2800Wh cells for 10x the expected density. Where Inmotion V12 HS goes from there, nobody else does. It's got a USB-C fast-charging capable port for even more power.

The Inmotion V12 HS is the ultimate electric unicycle for those who want to go green and save money. With such powerful components installed, you'll never have to worry about running out of power again. The Inmotion V12 Electric Unicycle also has auto-headlights that respond to ambient light conditions. 

3. KingSong KS 16X Electric Unicycle

The KingSong KS-16X is an amazing 16-inch wide-wheel electric unicycle. It is equipped with a 1554Wh Li-ion battery and a 2200 W rated electric motor. This allows it to reach a maximum speed of 31 MPH and a maximum range of 100 miles.

KingSong KS 16X is the leading model of electric unicycles today. Allow you to enjoy high-speed driving, it is gasoline-free. 16x3.0 inch thick wheels for an amazing riding experience, a waterproof new design that can resist rain, and is even capable of climbing stairs! In addition to that, KS 16X owns a fashionable aluminum alloy wheel design, with water draining and braking made simple. 

4. Begode Gotway Hero Electric Unicycle

The Begode Gotway Hero Electric unicycle is the ultimate electric unicycle for thrill-seekers. With a free spin speed of 49 MPH, this EUC is perfect for those who want to go wild. It's kitted with suspension, a 2800 watt motor, and 1800 watt-hours of battery.

Experience what it's like to fly by owning this electric unicycle with suspension equipped for a comfortable ride. The reality of superhuman mobility is hard to claim but it does undeniably feel a bit special about the opportunity to buy an electric unicycle like this one for personal use. It's an absolute game-changer and makes splitting lanes a breeze!

5. KingSong KS 14S Electric Unicycle

From the makers of the electric long-board, KingSong comes a battery-powered single-wheel miniature: KS 14S Electric. This unicycle is kinder and gentler than other electric unicycles and is sized at just 14 inches. For those of you with short steps, heavy loads, and stairs, this could be just what you're looking for.

The KingSong 14-S is a compact entry-level EUC. It's a lot of power in a small package with a range of 50 miles and a top speed of 20 MPH. The KS 14-S is the perfect choice for those looking to get into the world of electric unicycling.

In a world of increased productivity and less waste, it is a must to switch from gas-guzzling vehicles to electric ones and we highly recommend that you start your electric journey with one of the above 5 unicycles for a completely different mobility experience.