Why Volted?

Here at Volted, we do things differently!

We're not afraid to tell you exactly why we're better than the competition, because it's all true. Our catalogue of products is one of the most extensive in the market. We retail all electric transportation - EUCs, eBikes, eScooters, eMopeds, Hoverboards, and even eSkates! We cover the board, providing you with the very best options from all product categories. 

Volted is a North American company. We are able to ship to the U.S. and to Canada from within those respective boarders saving you time and import fees. Shoppers on our site can set their location, their currency and shop with ease!

Our site has financing integrating directly into checkout with 0% interest - buy now, pay later on all our key products!

Volted has the longest time in which you can return a product back to us. 30-Day free returns makes us the best policy in the industry! We also host amazing customer support with chat, text and email services running 5 days a week.

Other retailers wait until certain products are in high demand to add them to store. At Volted, we are enthusiasts within this industry and are able to introduce you to upcoming trends before they go viral!


Shop with us and get VOLTED!