9 Tips That Will Help You Ride A Unicycle 

Unable to ride a unicycle? Read our cheat sheet on riding unicycles including blind spots that even experts might not know!

Remember the days when we used to go to the circus? It is not common these days. But there was always one person in the performing group who would ride a very peculiar-looking cycle. Only one wheel & he would show us all types of tricks while balancing effortlessly!

That peculiar cycle was a unicycle. It is a vehicle with only one wheel. It used to look extremely difficult as a child. Even on two wheels, we would fall every minute. How could we even ride it?

Now, we have motorized unicycles all around us. The basic core requirement (or the problem, depending upon how you see it) even after decades remains the same. It’s all about balance. This is difficult to achieve on an electric unicycle since the center of gravity and mass need to align together. 

We are going to help you out by providing the top 9 tips or tricks that will help you in getting the hand of a unicycle within a day (But you will need to put in the practical efforts without fail!)

Given Below Are Some Fun And Baffling Tips For You To Explore:

We have gone through every resource that we could find. With all the research and analysis we jotted down 9 points that will make your unicycle ride smoother and enjoyable!

1.  Selecting the correct unicycle:

There are multiple types of unicycles available in the market. You Just need to name one. But choosing the correct unicycle for yourself is important.

If you have any special preferences then you look accordingly. The right fit is usually determined with the help of tire size, age, height, etc.

There are around 4-5 types of variations ranging from 10” to 24”. All of them have been assigned an age range. But you can browse through other categories as well.

2. Safety is a top priority:

While riding any type of vehicle, safety should be the highest priority for everyone. All types of possible safety measures are supposed to be taken by you. Special safety wear is available for the ride.

With that keep in mind that you don’t try to mount the unicycle carelessly as that can result in an injury. Most people damage their face or head. Use appropriate safety gear such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, shoes, etc.

3.  Mount the unicycle correctly:

Mounting the unicycle correctly is the forest and biggest task. It is not as simple as riding a bicycle where you put your leg through and it’s done. 

A unicycle can be typical for first-timers. It might take a person a few weeks to master standing itself. But if you follow a few steps regularly, it will become easier.

Tilt the unicycle, take support and then try to stand with one leg on the ground and the other on the opposite pedal. 

 4. Adjust your vehicle accordingly:

You have bought your favorite unicycle and are ready to ride it. But wait a minute! It still needs some adjustment. The unicycle is required to be set according to your preferences.

This includes setting up the unicycle in the right way. Attaching pedal, etc correctly. The most important part as mentioned before is going to be about the pedal. Where one pedal will be down so that when you put your foot on it, it's straight.

5. Balance, balance, & guess what else, balance!

Balance. Without balance, riding a unicycle is not going to work out, period. But don’t worry we have some pointers for you to focus on, which will help you.

Make sure that you are not continuously moving around. Any irregular movement will make it move so you must stay in a stable position. Relax your body and think of the unicycle as a part of you. 

Certain ballet exercises are highly recommended such as stretching of legs (all variations), en pointe (It takes a year, but you can keep trying every day)

6.  Selection of the base wheel:

The base of any object should be strong, and reliable so that you can rely on it. For a unicycle, the base or foundation part is played by the wheel itself.

As it is solely the biggest and most important part of a unicycle, selection of the right kind of wheel is crucial for the unicycle as well as the person riding it.

For beginners, tires on the thicker side are more beneficial as they cover more ground and help them balance out their weight while cycling. Also, thicker tires are preferred for longer distances as well. 

7. Support is a necessity:

Just because it is a single-person electric unicycle. (Literally! No back seat and all) doesn't mean that you won’t require support. 

You will require a lot of support. One-sided or two-sided depends upon you. But most people opt for support on both sides due to the fear of falling.

You can use a narrow hallway, a fence up to your waist or a bit above, a wall or ask for help from your friends. 

8. Have the right posture:

Recall the days when our elders used to say that you should sit straight? They were extremely right! One of the most crucial points of riding a unicycle is posture.

You need to be straight and look forward. Don’t look anywhere else or slouch. Because if you bend forward the cycle will move backward and vice versa. Result remains the same either way.

9.  Falling and Rising again: 

Unicycles can be a vehicle that can turn out to be extremely frustrating. It is surely a very unique choice. While learning, the constant falling can become demotivating. Hence, we recommend wearing safety gear always.

But take that as a challenge or take it as a fun hobby that you are trying to explore. You will fall, then you will rise. Again & again. And you know what? That is the real beauty, adventure, thrill, and excitement you seek, when you want to learn something new.

The Takeaways From This Writeup:

There is an artist buried inside every person. Also, everything that exists is an art. Balance is one of the fundamental aspects of life. 

A simple vehicle like a unicycle can be a hobby, a method of earning, a personal challenge, etc. But there are innate facts that can surface due to it.

You should give it a try. After all, even the tagline of life is as follows,

“ You gotta get up and try and try and try!” So try with all your heart I’m sure the unicycle will become your favorite.

Balancing is an art. Let the artist within you free & explore!