Volted Has Landed! 

Welcome to the new go-to retailer for all your favourite personal electric scooters and more!

Volted is a fresh face on the North American scene with already a large selection of products and brands. They carry fan favourites such as Onewheel, KingSong, Dualtron, Airwheel, InMotion, SmartKick, Envo and Zero! With even more brands in their catalogue we are already one of the larger vendors supplying the very best of electric scooters, electric unicycles, electric bikes, electric skateboards. Volted even carries traditional Segways and electric GoKarts!

As a true North-American brand, we provide free shipping to both countries. Deliveries are either sent out from Canada or the U.S. depending on where you are shopping from - Never pay import fees again! Shop in either USD or CAD and enjoy quick secure checkouts.

As a company, we truly believe in our industry. We know how the products we make available have the ability to change lives for the better. We’ve seen electric rides bring people together, and now there are so many local communities of riders. We’ve seen how they give people a new hobby, a new pass time, and a new reason to smile. We’ve seen the joy of the faces of gift receivers and gift givers. And the excitement, thrill and fun-loving-spirit of this industry is exactly what we are here to spread.

Volted has coined the term ‘PETs’. We care for all our personal electric transportation scooters and love finding them the best homes! Whether you’re entry level, a speed racer or just an all round enthusiast you're always welcome in our club.


We are charged up for the future - let's get VOLTED!