Does Suspension Make a Difference in Electric Unicycles?

When talking about suspension in micro-mobility devices, many people tend to think of electric bicycles as the primary devices that use this feature. It would even make sense to see suspension on electric scooters. However, few people think of e-unicycles when considering this topic. A lot of that comes down to the fact that a unicycle’s wheel is tucked in so tightly with the rest of the machine, but it’s definitely still an option for these modes of transportation.

That leaves us with the question, “Does suspension make a difference in electric unicycles?” While the short answer to this is “yes,” we’re going to take the time to further explain how big of a difference suspension can make on these devices.

Makes for a Smoother Ride

Just like any other vehicle that uses a suspension system, e-unicycles with built-in suspension will provide a much smoother ride for their users. Even though these devices aren’t intended for off-road usage, there are still plenty of reasons why a ride through the city can be quite bumpy.

City streets aren’t exactly well-known for being in great condition. That means there will be tons of cracks and potholes on the road that could easily trip up an electric unicyclist. While avoiding these bumps and dips is the best practice, that won’t always be possible, so having a suspension system will make these road hazards much less detrimental.

Gives More Control to the User

On top of making bumps less noticeable, the other major plus that comes from suspension systems is the increased control they give during turns. Unlike bikes and scooters, e-unicycles only have one wheel and no handlebars. That means sharp turns will be a bit of a challenge. If your micro-mobility device also has built-in springs for suspension, these types of turns will be much more manageable.

Eases Strain on the User’s Body

The other problem with not having a handlebar on these devices is that it leaves all the control in the hands of the rider. This will cause a lot of additional stress on their bodies, whether it’s from intense bumps or straining their muscles to control a turn. Over time, this can wear a person down. Having a suspension system that can make these problems easier to handle will also help reduce bodily strains.

Increases the Weight

The differences that suspension provides to electric unicycles are not all necessarily good, though. The most notable downside to these systems is they make the e-unicycles much heavier. The more weight put into the device, the slower it will go and the quicker the battery will drain. These problems will negatively impact the performance of the vehicle.

On top of that, if the user carries their e-unicycle in a specialized backpack, the added weight will increase the difficulty of carrying such a device on their back. While the pros of a suspension system are worthwhile, a user will need to determine if they outweigh the potential cons.